March – Miss Iliyanka

Hello from the big group! We are looking forward to the sweetest and most tenderest month of the year – March. We will talk about our traditions, the Liberation of Bulgaria and our wonderful mothers. We will also revel you a secret – we are carefully preparing for the upcoming holidays. In the second half of the month we will visit the world of insects – ladybugs, spiders, bees and more.

 In mathematics, we will compare subjects in different ways – color, shape and size, and in Bulgarian we will be introduced to the symbols and sounds of the letters “B” and “F”.

Our special day will be dedicated to the most special and beloved woman in the world – Mom. Dear mothers, we invite you to 09.03. 2020 (Monday) from 11 o’clock at a tea party at the Sun House. Please get the biggest smile and good mood you will need. Can not wait to see you!

Miss Iliyanka

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