Our Team

Mimi – Director

Miss Dari – Deputy Director

Miss Magi – Main Teacher

Miss Svetla – Teacher

As a team, we want to build trust by providing services which are truly needed to the students and their parents. Your opinion of us and trust in us is important because through it we can reach our ultimate goal – healthy and happy children!

What the Parents Say

"The Sunshine House was and will remain for us a special place. You won us over with your humanity and sincerity. We are grateful for the understanding, patience, love and daily care. Now when we pass the yard with swings, Jani tells me: ‘It was very nice mom ....’ I think this is the biggest reward for those who live for but do not only work for children at the Sunshine house.”
Lambrevi Family
"We chose for our son to attend the Sunshine House, because there he receives more than knowledge. The atmosphere is cozy, the teachers are thoughtful, and the teaching is oriented not only toward knowledge, but also toward character, values and behavior. Our son is happy at the Sunshine House, he has good friends and he is growing and developing in an environment of love, acceptance and discipline."
Tsekovi Family