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The month, replete with beauty of colours and shades, has come. Beauty, which encourages us to be grateful. We will talk about things it is important to be grateful for – family, food on the table, friends and health. We will draw our attention to the three magic words/expressions: please, here you are, and thank you. We will learn to recognize fruits and vegetables, some of which we will taste on our special day.

Throughout this month, we will talk about politeness and good manners.

We will also work with building blocks – ordering cubes and other shapes next to each other or on top of each other.

An exciting month awaits us!

Miss Svetla


“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” – Lucy Maud Montgomery

It’s October. We need to just look at the colourful palette on the tree crowns and we’ll discern the fairy charm of autumn. At Sunshine House we will learn an important rule:
“To be happy means to be grateful” – Dr.Menis Yousry

This is the theme of our special day, indeed the day of gratitude.
What else awaits us in October? We will be learning good manners as they are an important part of education. They provide a foundation which will help kids grow up confident in their own selves, in their knowledge and skills. We will learn to write the numbers from 7 to 12, the letters from “Ж” to “М”, while our English Language topic will be My Room.

Miss Maggy

Autumn brings an abundance of colours and scents, the aroma of home-made sweets and warm drinks, which we will enjoy together on our special day dedicated to gratitude – 14 October.
“And be thankful” Colossians 3:15


Hello from the big group! We are looking forward to the sweetest and most tenderest month of the year – March. We will talk about our traditions, the Liberation of Bulgaria and our wonderful mothers. We will also revel you a secret – we are carefully preparing for the upcoming holidays. In the second half of the month we will visit the world of insects – ladybugs, spiders, bees and more.

 In mathematics, we will compare subjects in different ways – color, shape and size, and in Bulgarian we will be introduced to the symbols and sounds of the letters “B” and “F”.

Our special day will be dedicated to the most special and beloved woman in the world – Mom. Dear mothers, we invite you to 09.03. 2020 (Monday) from 11 o’clock at a tea party at the Sun House. Please get the biggest smile and good mood you will need. Can not wait to see you!

Miss Iliyanka


Welcome to the month of love! February is a great time to bring kids’
attention to their feelings and emotions. We are going to focus on
distinguishing the pleasant feelings and emotions from the unpleasant
ones and to focus on love and the ways in which we can express it.
Therefore, our activities will also be directed to the positive feelings that
children experience or can receive from others, and the form we will
learn to distinguish is heart (hard) and colors – pink and red.

We will be introduced to the five senses that people possess and we will talk about the similarities an differences between them (height, age, color of eyes, hair, etc.) and the type of clothing they wear. We will understand that although we are different, everyone is valuable and special. In mathematics, we will look at the different positions (top, bottom, inside, outside). We will understand from literature that words have great power and, besides being spoken, can be written. In English, we will try to make sentences with ” I love … ”, ” pink and red ”.

Our special day will be on 02/14/20 – Friday, when we all will celebrate ” St. Valentine ”, dressed in pink and red, with hearts filled with love and cheeks glowing with joy, ….. and let us give you one smile as a token of love!

Miss Olya


Happy New Year 2020, dear parents! May it be blessed, healthy and successful!

This year we will not miss our traditional stroll around Plovdiv to enjoy the beauty of our city. After the nice break we had with the big group, we continue to explore the world around us and to create. We will start the month of January sharing our experiences from the holidays. Then we will continue to learn how snowflakes, mists and frosts form. We will also “jump” to the forest to see which animals have hibernated.

In Bulgarian we will get acquainted with the letters “p” and “b”, we will find out if they look alike something or not and we will try to spell them. In math, we will try to count from 10 to 15 and arrange the numbers in a sequential order. In English, we will learn the days of the week, the first two months of the year and the colors white and blue. In addition, at the end of the month, in
order for us to feel nice at Sunshine House, we will figure out why and how to be kind to each other. Our special day will be on 01/21/2020 (Tuesday). Please, every child should be dressed in white or blue. I will be expecting you.

Miss Iliyanka


Dear Parents, It is really exciting to move forward together, overcoming the challenges of the year ahead. We wish to be healthy, to raise children with joy and to bring peace, love, and warmth in our homes!
Let us be more smiling and have a blessed 2020!

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Winter and how to be healthy are our main topics, but since children’s favorite pastime is games, we will also see what entertainment opportunities this snow season offers us. To keep you calm, we will try not to get sick, and in addition to all the practical skills we will practice, we will try to stiffen our character as well, learning to be patient. In addition, when it is very cold, because we are already big, we like to go quiet with a book in our hands and it is time to learn that books are viewed from front to back and read from top to bottom and from left to right. In math, we will focus on sizes /Small; Medium; Large/; we will recognize and learn in English colors: White and Gray, and will make sentences with ”I can”.

To make it even more fun, we will have a Tea Party on Wednesday – January 22nd and this will be our special day. On it, we will enjoy the taste and discover the benefits of drinking the warm drink. We expect you to surprise us with different types of tea (suitable for children) and do not forget to bring the most interesting cup with which we will present it to children, as well as everything that will enrich the tea ceremony!

Miss Olya


Beautiful autumn is out and with the big group, we are not missing the walks in the last sunny days, but we focus on staying curious. On the first day of the month, we will already have had occasion to celebrate the day of the national awakenings. We will find out who they are and why we call them enlighteners.

Lately my kids have been asking me questions like, “Why should we eat healthily?”, “Why should we wash our hands before sitting at the table?” Therefore, in November we are going to discuss many interesting topics. We will learn about personal hygiene, what are the functions of the skin and what are the items for personal hygiene. In the second half of the month we will learn how to eat healthy, which food products are useful and unhealthy ones. We will find that candies we love are not useful because they spoil our teeth. In math, we will remember the basic colors and shapes and try to give meaning to the number 0.

In Bulgarian, we will distinguish between the letters “X” and “L” and look for them in words. In English we will learn to introduce ourselves and others by using “I am, He is, She is …” We will emphasis on doing everything with enthusiasm. Our special day will be on 21.11.2019 (Thursday) when we plan to make delicious healthy sweets. We ask that every child who has their own apron at home to bring it.


Miss Iliyanka


We start the month with a wonderful holiday – The Day of the Leaders of the Bulgarian National Revival, which will be celebrated on 11/1 and we continue with transport – a theme beloved by all children. We will try to make the little curious people learn as much as possible about the different means of transport and the professions associated with it. In addition, we will talk about the functions of traffic lights, road signs, pedestrian walkways and traffic safety rules. We will find out which are the things that always go hand in hand, such as a table and a chair. We will learn the four equal sides of a square and so we can distinguish it from other shapes. We continue to count and recognize the numbers from 1 to 5, as well as the letters: B, P, I.

We will still focus on the colors to get purple by mixing blue and red and learning the English words for them (purple, blue and red). We will teach the children goodwill by encouraging them to be considerate and kind to one another.

Wednesday, the 20th of November will be our special Transport Day, when we expect all children with their favorite strollers, trains, planes, bikes and all other means of transportation. In addition to having fun playing games with them, we will also keep following the traffic rules for ensuring a safe trip, which we will have learnt earlier on the mentioned day.


Miss Olya


In August we will take a fun walk through the jungle where our dwellers are waiting for us. Some of them can become friends and others will be very dangerous, as we will learn from the adventures of Mowgli, the human baby grown in a jungle. We will recognize the black color of the black partner Bagira – his best friend and crescent shape.Since the lion is the king of the animals, we have prepared an incredible story about Daniel and the lions.

Our Special Day (28.08, Wednesday) will be dedicated to the monkey, one of the most affluent jungle representatives. Let the children bring their favorite monkeys, we will treat them with bananas (because they love them very much), we will play and tell them how much we have learned about life in the jungle.

Along with the fun this month, we will try to teach children to build a personal judgment about things and to have freedom of action, while maintaining prudence and good relationships.


Hello! Month August is a time for relaxation and adventure and that’s why we decided to go for a walk in the zoo. There we will meet the animals, what they eat and who cares about them. We will learn where they came from and where their natural environment is. Of course, we will try to find a difference between animals from the zoo and those in the jungle.

In Bulgarian we will continue to practice writing the word “лято” (summer)   and speaking properly.

 Our special day will be on 27.08.2019 (Tuesday). And guess what he’s going to be devoted to? The zoo! Yes, we will go to the zoo. Would be fun!


We start the month with five letters of consonance – L, V, S, K, H, which begin with the words summarizing the main topics for June: Summer (Lyato), water (Voda), ice cream (Sladoled), square (Kvadrat), and foods (Hrani). Then we will learn many interesting things about water: composition, properties, circle, aggregate states, use and benefits. In the second half of the month, when the long-awaited summer comes, we will understand why this is the favorite of all time. We will talk about what is the most appropriate outfit, as well as which are the most delicious and useful foodsand drinks for the season and where can we get them.

In English, we will get acquainted with the square shape and the purple color, and also count and recognize the numbers from 1 to 5. In addition, we will discuss how we should treat other people to accept us as people with reliable dependability. On 26th June (Wednesday), we will be our special “Ice Cream Day” and then, except that we will eat ice cream, we will also understand how the favorite treat is prepared.

Miss Olya