November – Miss Olya

We start the month with a wonderful holiday – The Day of the Leaders of the Bulgarian National Revival, which will be celebrated on 11/1 and we continue with transport – a theme beloved by all children. We will try to make the little curious people learn as much as possible about the different means of transport and the professions associated with it. In addition, we will talk about the functions of traffic lights, road signs, pedestrian walkways and traffic safety rules. We will find out which are the things that always go hand in hand, such as a table and a chair. We will learn the four equal sides of a square and so we can distinguish it from other shapes. We continue to count and recognize the numbers from 1 to 5, as well as the letters: B, P, I.

We will still focus on the colors to get purple by mixing blue and red and learning the English words for them (purple, blue and red). We will teach the children goodwill by encouraging them to be considerate and kind to one another.

Wednesday, the 20th of November will be our special Transport Day, when we expect all children with their favorite strollers, trains, planes, bikes and all other means of transportation. In addition to having fun playing games with them, we will also keep following the traffic rules for ensuring a safe trip, which we will have learnt earlier on the mentioned day.


Miss Olya

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