August – Miss Olya

In August we will take a fun walk through the jungle where our dwellers are waiting for us. Some of them can become friends and others will be very dangerous, as we will learn from the adventures of Mowgli, the human baby grown in a jungle. We will recognize the black color of the black partner Bagira – his best friend and crescent shape.Since the lion is the king of the animals, we have prepared an incredible story about Daniel and the lions.

Our Special Day (28.08, Wednesday) will be dedicated to the monkey, one of the most affluent jungle representatives. Let the children bring their favorite monkeys, we will treat them with bananas (because they love them very much), we will play and tell them how much we have learned about life in the jungle.

Along with the fun this month, we will try to teach children to build a personal judgment about things and to have freedom of action, while maintaining prudence and good relationships.

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