January – Miss Iliyanka

Happy New Year 2020, dear parents! May it be blessed, healthy and successful!

This year we will not miss our traditional stroll around Plovdiv to enjoy the beauty of our city. After the nice break we had with the big group, we continue to explore the world around us and to create. We will start the month of January sharing our experiences from the holidays. Then we will continue to learn how snowflakes, mists and frosts form. We will also “jump” to the forest to see which animals have hibernated.

In Bulgarian we will get acquainted with the letters “p” and “b”, we will find out if they look alike something or not and we will try to spell them. In math, we will try to count from 10 to 15 and arrange the numbers in a sequential order. In English, we will learn the days of the week, the first two months of the year and the colors white and blue. In addition, at the end of the month, in
order for us to feel nice at Sunshine House, we will figure out why and how to be kind to each other. Our special day will be on 01/21/2020 (Tuesday). Please, every child should be dressed in white or blue. I will be expecting you.

Miss Iliyanka

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