January – Miss Olya

Dear Parents, It is really exciting to move forward together, overcoming the challenges of the year ahead. We wish to be healthy, to raise children with joy and to bring peace, love, and warmth in our homes!
Let us be more smiling and have a blessed 2020!

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Winter and how to be healthy are our main topics, but since children’s favorite pastime is games, we will also see what entertainment opportunities this snow season offers us. To keep you calm, we will try not to get sick, and in addition to all the practical skills we will practice, we will try to stiffen our character as well, learning to be patient. In addition, when it is very cold, because we are already big, we like to go quiet with a book in our hands and it is time to learn that books are viewed from front to back and read from top to bottom and from left to right. In math, we will focus on sizes /Small; Medium; Large/; we will recognize and learn in English colors: White and Gray, and will make sentences with ”I can”.

To make it even more fun, we will have a Tea Party on Wednesday – January 22nd and this will be our special day. On it, we will enjoy the taste and discover the benefits of drinking the warm drink. We expect you to surprise us with different types of tea (suitable for children) and do not forget to bring the most interesting cup with which we will present it to children, as well as everything that will enrich the tea ceremony!

Miss Olya

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