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May is the month in which the earth turns into a flower garden, thanks to generous spring rains and warm weather.

With the little “suns” we will learn to recognize flowers by name and we will try to understand where they come from and what they need to grow. We will learn about rainbows, the very first rainbow and what it reminds us of. We will also learn its colors in English, and focus on the color “blue”.

The smallest children will learn to recognize the numbers 1-3, and also the triangle shape. We continue to arrange objects in size, shape, and colors, and work on character traits. Our desire is that children acquire the quality – joyfulness.

Our special day will be dedicated to the Day of Bulgarian Literature and Culture. On May 23 (Tuesday) we will organize a “small sunshine library”. For this purpose, please have the children bring a book with Bulgarian tales or poems, which they will be able to share until the end of the month. We believe that such shared books will help us enrich our Bulgarian speech and culture!

Miss Olya


How nice it is to feel the warmth of the spring sun, but it’s even more exciting to touch the new life that is emerging this season!

We can hardly wait for one of the children’s favorite days, our annual “Easter Egg Hunt”, which will be held on Thursday, 13.04.2017! Bring your Easter baskets and get ready for an unforgettable adventure.

Two of the most beloved holidays – Palm Sunday and Easter – are quickly approaching. During this time we get to know the story of the Resurrection and how much Jesus loves children.

During April we will examine pets and will learn how to care for them. We will talk about forgiveness and how good it is when you forgive others.

Also, the “sunshines” will be trying to tell stories with pictures and learning the categories of “more,” “less” and “equal” and to recognize the oval shape (ellipse).

Miss Olya


In April the “stars” will learn about the changes in nature during spring. What is required for trees and flowers to grow and the appearance of chicks, lambs and other baby animals. We will examine how they change as they grow.

In the second half of the month we will focus on life in swamps, rivers and lakes. We will find out that not only birds hatch from eggs.

We will continue with the letters Д, Т, and Н and their sounds. In English we will learn various locations of objects: up, down, in front of, and behind.

In mathematics will compare items with different values and use the concepts: more, more least, shorter, longer.

Miss Mimi


At the beginning of this month, in the “little stars” class, we will plan to talk about the five senses and the different types of emotions with an emphasis on love: who loves us, who we love and how we can show love to others. These are just some of the things that will be discussed.

In the second half of February we will study different occupations, what occupations do and how individual specialists can help us. We would like to invite people who work in some of these professions to visit us and tell us a little more about their work. If you are or know a doctor, nurse, policeman, fireman, artist or any professional who would agree to come to the Sunshine House, please give me a call.

In Bulgarian language we will get to know the sounds and signs of d, k, l and in math we will fill in graphs. We will review previous lessons and learn some new ones in English, such as using phrases: ,, I can (can not) …, He can (can not) …., She can (can not) … . ”

The special day will be 14.02.2017 (Tuesday). We would love all children to come dressed in pink or red.

Miss Mimi


This month will be dedicated to love and all the positive feelings that children may experience or receive from others. We will learn how to express character through this wonderful feeling and will delve into the nuances of pink and red. Also, the shape that we will look at is the heart, and our special day will be dedicated to “Valentine’s Day”. On 14.02. 2017. (Tuesday) we expect the “little sunshines” to come dressed in pink or red and to bring with them their wonderful mood and any other “Valentine’s Day things.”

We will get to know different kinds clothes and will learn about the magic power of magnets. In mathematics we will study different positions (top-down, inside-outside, etc.). In Literature we will learn that the words you speak aloud can be written and read. In English we will be putting together sentences with “red and pink” and the words “I love … ”.

Miss Olya