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Hello! I hope you enjoyed the holidays. In May, with the big group, we will “travel” to the world of mammals, amphibians and reptiles. We will learn where they live, what they eat, we will get to know their characters, and we will learn to be like some of them – gentle and caring. In Bulgarian language, we will invent fairy tales.

We will focus on the letters “g” and “y”. In mathematics, we will be putting the numbers from 1 to 10 in sequence, and we will continue to count every other number. Our special day will be dedicated to Bulgarian literacy and culture (24 May). It will take place on 23.05.2019 (Thursday). We ask every child to bring the first letter of their name, made by them (with help from Mom and Dad, of course).

I expect you, this will be fun!

Miss Iliyanka


May is the month in which the land turns into a flower garden, thanks to the generous April rain and warm weather. With the children, we will identify flowers, we will learn where they came from and what kind of care they need; and a special experiment will show us if they are sometimes “thirsty.” Besides, we will meet snails, ladybirds, butterflies, bees and other interesting residents of the garden.

We will learn when the rainbow first appeared and what it reminded us of. We will also learn its colors in English, but the basic color we will look and at its different nuances is blue. We will talk about opposites.

We will continue learning the numbers from 1 to 5. We will sort the objects by size, shape and color, and we will recognize the shape of a triangle and why it is called so. We will celebrate May 24 – the Festival of Bulgarian Education and Culture. We continue to build the character by trying to be happy and joyous instead of disgruntled and sad.

Our special day will be devoted to the bees and honey they produce, so on May 15th (Wednesday) please dress the children in yellow or orange and send small jars of honey with them, as well as bee-related pictures.

Miss Olya


Hello from the Big Group!
It is already a real spring outside and we are ready for new adventure games out of the classroom. In
April we will get to know our body. How it is structured, how it functions and
how it moves. We will also learn for the five senses which we have: sight, sound, taste, smell and touch.
In Maths we will continue to count every second number, this time up to 10.
In Bulgarian Language we will try to describe heroes from famous tales. In
English we will continue with the months of the year and will try to make a
dialogue between each other. This month we have a celebration again – Easter and the children will hear the wonderful story ofEaster. We will not miss our traditional Egg Hunt. And having mentioned the Egg Hunt, there will be a special day for that. On 25.04 2019 (Thursday) do not forget your baskets, because you will have to fill them with eggs.

Miss Iliyanka


Hello!  The month of February is all about love and this is a great time to show our love to our family and friends.  With the older class this month we will be travelling around the world.  How?  Well, Miss Ilianka has a special globe which will show and tell about different people who live in our world.  And because we have such a diverse group in our very own classroom, we will ask some of our family members to come and share about their home country.

We will also learn about how to show love and respect each other and why we deserve respect and love.  We will also be learning the letters in the “love” and even try to write it.  In Math we will learn the shape of the rhombus, continue to count to 20 and recognize our numbers up to 15.  In English we are still working on the months of the year.Our special day will be on Tuesday, February 20th.  On this day each child should bring their favorite food from a different country so we can “taste” the world.

Miss Iliyanka


We usually think of February as the month to show love but this month we be showing our love for…Dinosaurs!  This is a new theme and all of our younger group love dinosaurs.  Of course, I will show them how much I love them as well.  We will also be learning about the feelings and emotions we have when love something and learn about ways to express our love. 

In English we will make sentences beginning with the phrase, “I love…”.  We will also study the colors pink and red and the shape of the heart.  In Math we will be studying positions such as down and up, in and out.  And in literacy we will be learning that the words we speak can also be written and red.

This month our special day will be on Wednesday, February 20th, and will be dedicated to our favorite dinosaurs.  On this day the children can bring anything they wish that has to do with dinosaurs.  Of course, we don’t want to forget about February 14th and celebrating Valentine’s Day together.  We plan to have lots of fun. 

Miss Olya


Hello from all of us!  The most exciting month is coming – December! The big group will hear Miss Ilianka’s favorite story. It tells how a little baby was born, not in the hospital like the rest of us, but in a barn among animals. In Bulgarian language we will get acquainted with the opposites: big – small, high – low. In English we will make sentences with “my favorite gift is …”And in mathematics we will try to count until the date of the most beautiful holiday – 25 – Nativity of Christ. Together with the small suns, we will take out the Christmas tree and toys and decorate our house. And, of course, we will focus on preparing for our Christmas party.

Miss Ilianka


In July, with the big group, we’ll go camping, talk about the sand, the shells and the ocean life.

In Bulgarian language and literature, we will continue to tell fairy tales, and in mathematics we will recall the shapes square and rectangle, and we will try to find the similarities and differences between them.

In English we will learn the verb “To be”.

Our special day will be on 19.07.2018. (Thursday). This day we will camp on the ocean. We ask each child to bring a lantern and his favorite food. We are looking forward to great fun! 🙂

Miss Ilianka


Welcome to the month of love! In February our activities will focus on the positive feelings that children experience or can get from others. That is why the shape we will learn about is the heart and the colors we will be talking about are pink and red.

We will talk about the similarities and differences between people (height, age, color, etc.), the type of clothes they wear, and the fact that everyone is valuable and special.

This month we will learn the five senses people have. And in mathematics we will talk about the different positions (up / down, inside / outside). In literature we will learn that words have great power, and besides being spoken, they can also be written. In English we will make sentences with “I love”, “pink and red”.

Our special day will be on 14.02.2018. (Wednesday) when we all together celebrate Valentine’s Day. I would ask that the children to be dressed in pink or red. And most importantly for this day – let’s give one another a smile as a sign of love!

Miss Olya


After spending the whole month of July on the seashore, it’s time to get into the world of the eternal summer, tropical forests, jungles, savannas and deserts. We will look closely at their wild inhabitants, recognize animals, birds and reptiles, and we will learn to name them in English.

The Special Day for the “Stars” will be on 24.08.2017 (Thursday), we will have a “Jungle Day”. Please have your child bring a toy or picture related to the jungle, tropical forest or desert or to be dressed in an appropriate costume. We will have a special jungle breakfast and surprises.

For Bulgarian lessons we will get acquainted with the characteristics of letters ь, Ю and Я and their sounds. In mathematics, we will learn what half of a whole is and we will count in ascending and descending order to 10. We will talk about being attentive and how to use it purposefully.

Miss Mimi


This month we will continue to explore the world around us. We will pay special attention to bugs. We will meet the good and the “bad”; Large and small; Beautiful and “nasty”. We will learn about the life cycle of the butterfly. It’s amazing to see how much it changes as it grows. We will examine the work of the bees and the hierarchy in the hive.

We will get acquainted with the sounds and symbols of the letters G, W and P and we will try to find them in different words.

In mathematics we will try to count by ones and fives. We will study and compare the bugs with the words: bigger and smaller; More beautiful, longer and shorter, both in Bulgarian and English: bigger, smaller, taller, shorter, more beautiful than.

Last but not least, we will pay attention to obedience. What does it mean to be obedient?

Our special day will be on 18.05.2017. (Thursday) – the day of the bug! We will make bugs, learn a little bit about them, and have a special snack breakfast. It is good for your child to bring a bug that is real, a toy or a picture.

Miss Mimi