June – Miss Olya

We start the month with five letters of consonance – L, V, S, K, H, which begin with the words summarizing the main topics for June: Summer (Lyato), water (Voda), ice cream (Sladoled), square (Kvadrat), and foods (Hrani). Then we will learn many interesting things about water: composition, properties, circle, aggregate states, use and benefits. In the second half of the month, when the long-awaited summer comes, we will understand why this is the favorite of all time. We will talk about what is the most appropriate outfit, as well as which are the most delicious and useful foodsand drinks for the season and where can we get them.

In English, we will get acquainted with the square shape and the purple color, and also count and recognize the numbers from 1 to 5. In addition, we will discuss how we should treat other people to accept us as people with reliable dependability. On 26th June (Wednesday), we will be our special “Ice Cream Day” and then, except that we will eat ice cream, we will also understand how the favorite treat is prepared.

Miss Olya

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