November – Miss Iliyanka

Beautiful autumn is out and with the big group, we are not missing the walks in the last sunny days, but we focus on staying curious. On the first day of the month, we will already have had occasion to celebrate the day of the national awakenings. We will find out who they are and why we call them enlighteners.

Lately my kids have been asking me questions like, “Why should we eat healthily?”, “Why should we wash our hands before sitting at the table?” Therefore, in November we are going to discuss many interesting topics. We will learn about personal hygiene, what are the functions of the skin and what are the items for personal hygiene. In the second half of the month we will learn how to eat healthy, which food products are useful and unhealthy ones. We will find that candies we love are not useful because they spoil our teeth. In math, we will remember the basic colors and shapes and try to give meaning to the number 0.

In Bulgarian, we will distinguish between the letters “X” and “L” and look for them in words. In English we will learn to introduce ourselves and others by using “I am, He is, She is …” We will emphasis on doing everything with enthusiasm. Our special day will be on 21.11.2019 (Thursday) when we plan to make delicious healthy sweets. We ask that every child who has their own apron at home to bring it.


Miss Iliyanka

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